Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Rejection !

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life always up and down. Sometime in this life everything goes easy and sometimes really hard. Acceptance and rejection always front of us.

Everybody want to get good acceptance but scaring to get rejections. Dream Collage, Dream Job and every kind of about dreams. Rejection make people falling down and make some of them give up fastly. Maybe that's the reason how scary of rejection. And sometime make people realize that they are't quite enough and need learn more and more.

What shoud you do is change your negatif view to positif view that rejaction does't mean that you're stupid, you're wrong, you're bad or something. Rejection bring you to make evaluation better and better until quite enough to accepted.

Still wanna give up? Came on, please thing more. I belive you will regret. Why? because actually your dream is so close. Lets try and try again time still passing by. Remember that J. K. Rowling Never be successful like now if she give up on her first rejection by publisher. Lets try again and don't give up.

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